VidOil diagnostics

VidOil is a non-disassembling endoscopic engine diagnostics. It is the only way to inspect the combustion chamber without engine disassembly.

OilGroup specialists will check your engines and assess their condition. You will be able to see the results on a photograph. The diagnostics will answer a series of questions about the condition of an engine, including how much the oil used is appropriate to this particular machine. Given the results, we will help you select a product to prolong the service life of your engines.

The engine diagnostics is free and takes an hour and a half.

VidOil advantages:


Breakdown prevention

You can find out whether the oil you use is inappropriate as well as get answers on other problems in advance. Eventually, a breakdown will be prevented.


Quick diagnostics

The engine diagnostics takes only an hour and a half, so you won't need to withdraw the machine from service for too long.


Repair assistance

If the engine is already faulty, the diagnostics will improve the efficacy of its repair.