Staff training

We realized the necessity of staff training after a particular incident. Our prospective client looked for experts on oil, who would examine an argument with his suppliers. The head office had bought new tractors and a consignment of high-quality imported oil. But the company's technicians filled gear oil instead of motor oil in the engines. The equipment broke down the next day, the business arrested for a week.

Such stories disappoint us. We wouldn't want them to recur, so we organize free off-site seminars for you. On these seminars we teach your technicians to understand the delicacy of selecting and using oils. This knowledge lets them operate your machinery in a way to prolong its service life.

Training your staff lets you


Prevent machinery breakdowns


Improve your specialists' professional skill


Increase general lubricant usage efficiency

Photos of our seminars

seminar-Almaty SAM_1498 seminar-Almaty SAM_1498