Oil selection

Equipment condition and service life strongly depend on the selection of lubricants. Inappropriately chosen oil instead of protecting the engine causes damage, thus making the machine out of order.

But choosing right products is not too easy today. There are hundreds of producers on the market, providing large, constantly updated variety of oils. Machinery also changes. During the last 15 years numerous new systems and subassemblies have been developed: EGR, SRC, DPF, TWC, CVT, Intarder. How is it possible to pick the right oils and lubricants for such machines?

OilGroup specialists will help you. Selecting oils is a free service, during which we carefully examine your machines and recommend a particular product for each of them.

Service advantages


Individual approach
to every machine

OilGroup does not offer stereotyped solutions. We examine each machine in your facility and help you find products suitable for you.


We monitor
the market

We do not represent the interests of particular producers. OilGroup selects oils regarding all the offers available on the market. You get unbiased independent recommendation, optimal in terms of price and quality.


It's free

We do not want to trade our knowledge. We share it. Oil selection by OilGroup lets you take a fresh look at the market and understand what a partnership can be.

Our company has been on the lubricant market since 1998. During this time we have become experts in oils, thoroughly examined offers from various producers. Today we are sharing our knowledge with customers to help you choose the type of oil you need.

Even if the technical specification is not at your disposal, contact OilGroup. We will examine the machine, address the manufacturer and eventually recommend the product which will surely protect your machinery.