OEL check oil analysis

OilGroup lubricants analysis lets you determine the condition of your machinery. The most resembling example to this would be a blood test, which enables specialists to understand the health state of an organism, not of the blood. If the results aren't good, the organism will be treated for the disease, this in turn will improve the results. A technician, having at his disposal the results of a full oil analysis, can decide whether a preventative maintenance of engine, cooling and fuel supply systems, oil refilling or replacing the type of lubricants are required.

An analysis is a crucial component in organizing proactive maintenance of equipment, i.e. this is a maintenance process which enables you not only to detect aberrations in the operation of the equipment and prevent serious breakdowns, but also to do the most important, to eliminate the causes of such breakdowns.

This enables more than 150 of our customers to control the condition of their equipment continuously and have precise data on its state.

When an analysis of oil is required?


If you have the equipment that hasn't undergone oil analysis.
In that way you will acquire the information about the condition of oil during normal operation. This will be the starting point in searching for the cause in case of a failure.


In every emergency with your equipment:
temperature rises in components, increases in fuel/electricity consumption, aberrations in the work of equipment which are impossible to connect with the current situation.


Before scheduled repair
and oil refilling.

Given the data about the used oil, you can select a new product more precisely.