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European quality oils and lubricants

SHARK is an Italian brand of lubricants offering the optimal quality-price ratio. If you need imports for an agreeable price, take notice of this producer.

SHARK produces its oils and lubricants at SLI, Italy, one of the leading refineries of Europe, which has had 20 years of experience and presence on the lubricants market. SHARK production comply all European standards of quality and is suitable for imported up-to-date machinery.

We recommend using SHARK production for machines of several years since warranty expiration, which need quality oil.



Suitable for up-to-date machinery

SHARK is the best choice for machinery of recent warranty expiration. If you want your machine to serve a few decades more, use SHARK.


European quality

SHARK lubricants prove their high quality on various tests and examinations. They meet the re-quirements of machinery manufacturers and are constantly improved in order to remain in step with the market.


Middle price segment

SHARK means European quality product for a comfortable price. SHARK stays in the middle price segment and sticks to high quality standards.